Can you imagine arriving in a beach by kayak, among large blocks of ice where, perhaps, there was no one before?

Can you imagine skiing down a mountain’s virgin slopes?

Can you imagine sitting down where the only sound is silence and the only presence  is your shadow?


Sterna wants people to live a world of intense, transformative  feelings,  and  remember them forever.

Sterna wants to take us to special hidden places, wonderful, unexplored parts of our planet. Arriving  there through the sea, just as the first explorers did.

Sterna expeditions are on board  a yacht, the nerve center of our trips. We travel on her. She is our refuge: where we live, where we eat. She takes us to  the places  we want to go . In addition, the vessel gives us the opportunity to experience real ocean navigation. Our professional crew teach and instruct our clients to coordinate as a team, to execute  manoeuvres  on board, to practice sailing with nautical charts (reading and positioning) and always to look for  places that will make our trip memorable.

Sterna is an opportunity of an unforgettable experience full of nature, adventure and sport.

“I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember.

I do and I understand”


Sterna:  a meaningful name

The Arctic tern or the STERNA PARADISAEA is famous for its migration. Each year it flies from its breeding area in the Arctic, to Tierra del Fuego and returns to the Arctic again. This trip exposes the Sterna to two summers per year and, therefore, more daylight than any other creature on the planet. A typical Arctic tern travels throughout his life a distance equivalent to going to the moon and back (800,000 km).