To the Earth of the Vikings: Barcelona – Tromso

————————————— —————————————Oceanic navigations ————————————————————————

The oceanic navigations that we offer are big journeys, with a minimum duration of about a week. The main objectives of these voyages are to learn to navigate in every kind of situation, to work on the acquisition of habits, as well as practice on how to make ourselves feel comfortable and integrated on board. From north to south and west to east; the Atlantic Ocean is the perfect territory to practice and obtain knowledge and experience.


Earth of the Vikings

The crossing we offer takes us from Barcelona until Bodo. It exists of a navigation of 18 days with great variety, and is full of interesting situations and areas, with the changing winds of the Mediterranean, the always tricky crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, the going up of the Portuguese coast until Cape Finisterre, and crossing the always exciting Gulf of Vizcaya. Staying true to our motto (there are still places on the Earth that can only be reached by sea), when the weather allows us, we will go for a climb on the island Hirta, in the archipelago Saint Kilda which has been declared Common Heritage of Mankind ( 57 º 49′N – 8 º 36 ‘ W ). Continuing our voyage, we will pass near the islands Feroe and the Shetland Islands, and we will arrive at the Norwegian Sea, which we will follow until arriving at the small town of Bodo.

Day 1

Boarding and preparation of the boat for departure. The preparation requires the participation of all the persons going on board, and consists of loading supplies (food, water, fuel, etc), testing personal safety devices (life vests, MOB localization, etc.), testing the safety devices on board (use of fire extinguishers, radio, beacons, etc.), and receiving instructions on the use of the navigation instruments (automatic pilot, plotter, gps, radar, etc.), with the purpose of making the passengers aware on how to maintain the security on board.

Days 2 to 4

Departure towards Tromso. Sailing the Mediterranean, and passing through the Strait of Gibraltar. During the crossing, we will be navigating on estimation, where we position ourselves 3 to 4 times per day on the nautical map with use of the sextant, to understand the routes of the boats passing through the Saint George channel and the Irish Sea, and thanks to the radio, we will obtain meteorological predictions to interpret and continue our voyage more safely, where we will broaden our knowledge on the adjustment of the boats to optimize the boats’ performance. Furthermore, we will learn some gastronomic nautical tricks, while cooking on board.

Days 5 to 8

Following the coast of Portugal, until arriving at Cape Finisterre. If the conditions permit us, before arrival at the Cape we will make a short shop for a visit to the city Vigo.

Days 9 to 13

Heading north, we will cross the Gulf of Vizcay, leaving Ireland on starboard. Once completed, when the weather conditions permit us, we will go to the island Hirta, where we will anchor and disembark in order to get to know the island from close, which has been declared Common Heritage of Mankind.

Día 14 to 18

We will weigh anchor, and from the island Saint Kilda we will set sail towards the Norwegian Sea, passing between the Feroe and Shetland Islands, north of Scotland. We will then arrive at Bodo.


It’s recommendable that the people that are interested have at least made one voyage of 24-36 hours aboard a sailboat.