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—————————— Oceanic navigations ———————————

 Our oceanic sailing program features sea crossings of a minimum of a week in length. The main objective of the voyage is to learn to navigate in a range of conditions, while forming and internalizing habits and practices that help us to feel comfortable and integrated in life onboard a boat. From north to south, and east to west – the Atlantic Ocean offers an ideal environment to obtain and perfect sailing knowledge and experience.



Day 1: Arrival and Briefing

Arrival in Guadalupe and preparation of the yacht for the crossing of the Atlantic. Preparation includes: Briefing by the crew, provisions (water, food and fuel) for the crossing. Personal safety instructions (life jacket, locating device MOB, etc.), On board safety material (extinguishers, radio, Epirb, etc.), Familiarization with sailing material (autopilot, plotter, GPS, radar, etc.).  The preparation and briefing are designed to guarantee effective safety procedures and informed praxis on board.

Days 2 to 20: Atlantic Ocean

During the crossing we will study a range of areas related to sailing and life on board a boat. We’ll navigate by dead reckoning, confirming our position 3-4 times on our nautical chart using a sextant. We’ll use the on board radio to communicate with other vessels and receive updated meteorology information.  We will use the weather forecast to determine our course and follow the safest and most efficient track. We’ll learn how to trim the sails in order to optimize the performance of the boat and we will learn on board cooking and food handling skills.  Lastly lead by our team of experts in marine environment, we will explore and study the fauna and the flora we encounter on our voyage, learning about how different species live and reproduce at sea.

Day 21-24: Mediterranean Sea

Entry to the Mediterranean sea through the Strait of Gibraltar, we will pass the lighthouses of the Spanish coast line till Barcelona

Day 25:

Arrival in Barcelona.


Who is Sterna’s ‘Ocean Navigation’ course best suited for?

This trip is ideal for experienced sailors who want to improve knowledge and build on their previous experience by undertaking a lengthy ocean crossing.  Our course is also suited to those who have already undertaken a voyage such as this and want to expand their expertise while discovering new sensations and emotions on board the only Open 85 of these characteristic in the world. If this sounds like you, we look forward to sharing our passion with you on board Sterna