Voyaging style

The trips that Sterna proposes are not luxury cruises but exploration voyages. On board, either sailing to a destination or exploring and discovering of new lands, we promote learning and the active participation of all members of the expedition in daily routines.



    All members of Sterna crew (crew and clients) work together on deck in a spirit of team building. The crew enjoys teaching and explaining everything they do. Collaborating and participating requires no preparation or experience. Both day and night we organize the watches, check the position in the nautical chart, how to use the electronic devices to optimize the vessel’s performance. We follow meticulously the weather forecast, help in anchoring manoeuvres, participate in the preparation of the tender to reach land, etc … All tasks involved in manoeuvring are done cooperatively and we encourage active participation of all who are on board.

  • FOOD

    There is always someone in the crew willing to cook. The dinning room and kitchen ‘s tasks are shared by all. One of the incentives of our expeditions is that often the expedition team is made up of people of diverse origins, cultures and tastes. The kitchen and meals are a time and a place to share and communicate together. On board, Sterna kitchen is open to all who like to share and give others a piece of their world and of their origin. And if you feel that cooking is not your best, do not worry because the possibilities of collaborating in the kitchen and the food are diverse.


    By keeping the boat tidy and clean we’ll be able to enjoy and make the boat more comfortable for our well being. Each person manages individually their personal space and belongings but all of us share the work of maintaining the common areas in the best possible condition. The crew takes care that vessel’s equipment is in a good conditions . If you like handiwork, your contribution is always welcome. The toolbox is well fitted on board Sterna and boat maintenance is an essential task that we all enjoy. Maintaining Sterna is to ensure the safety of those who stay on board.


    The vessel has corners and spaces where you can enjoy moments of tranquility and peace. We all need and seek times of isolation and privacy. We appreciate that others respect our desire for leisure in the same way that we respect it in others. This is part of good living and co-existence silence and discretion are values ​​prized on board Sterna. The library has books in different languages ​​and topics from the novel to scientists through philosophy and technicians. We enjoy music of many origins and rhythms.


    Water is a scarce resource and we have to save.  So we don’t have showers on board every day. In addition, in a short time, you will discover that in cold areas you won’t need showers as much as you need them in your daily routine. We have personal hygiene products that help you to stay clean like fresh and wet like paper towels. They are an excellent resource to feel always clean. On board we give a towel to each voyager so you can avoid  putting one in your luggage.


    Everyone has his bunk. We have 2, 3 and 4 bunk cabins and therefore we share the space with other people. We may discover, with some discomfort, how the person with whom we had a rich conversation before falling asleep, delights us, once we are asleep, with a snoring concert. Sterna can offer you earplugs to isolate you from noise. We also have masks because in the areas where we sail, the sun can shine 24 hours a day.


    The Sterna interior has been designed as a mountain refuge where people  feel protected while outside rages bad weather. There are no luxuries on board and we do prioritize functionality. Everything is very practical and nothing is missing. The heating warms the inside enough to feel comfortable whilst ensuring minimum energy consumption.


    Our trips are expeditions. We are exposed to the forecast changes and unforeseen circumstances can determine the roadmap established. What we can’t change won’t change our mood. We are explorers and we know that adapting to changeable and expected realities is a challenge. This is the spirit of adventure that characterizes what we do.


    We are explorers and we are going to discover new and unknown places with a disposition to learn. So before reaching our destination we study it so as to whet our appetites to what awaits us. The flora, fauna, geology, history and the people are some of the topics which we study. We do general documentation and specific documentation all of which is published by Sterna.In Sterna expeditions, our behavior and our way of life are based on criteria of sustainability and respect for the environment. We want to be, with discretion and curiosity, part of the environment that welcomes us.


    The vessel has satellite communications equipment to allow you to communicate to everywhere on land. However we must keep an eye on energy consumption on board and must restrict calls and communications to the minimum essential. The cost of calls is not included in the price of the trip.


    We are not a travel agency. We are experts in logistics and organization of expeditions. We can make recommendations but we do not make hotel reservations or buy airplane tickets. It is the client’s responsibility to get the tickets and reservations, permissions, visas and everything from their country of origin to the intended destination. If the client doesn’t get permissions and visas, this shall not be ground to demand the return of advance payments. However Sterna doesn’t want any of their clients to miss out. That’s why the team Sterna is open to help, guide and facilitate the right steps that each voyager has to do to come on board. Please refer to our section on Insurance in the Terms and Conditions.