Albert Bargués message

Over  time I have learned….

When I was 17 and I turned the last page of the book “Eh, Petrel”, I decided I wanted to be an offshore  sailor and to roam the seas. That was 36 years ago and, over  time, sailing was no longer just a goal, it become a way of life. In the spirit of this path,  we have  created  ‘Sterna More Than Sailing’, a group of people who use the sea and sailing as a vehicle to mix three exquisite ingredients: sport, nature and adventure.

From very young I practiced many sports. I was very competitive,  I always wanted to win, I didn’t want to understand the meaning of losing. I used to look at and compare myself with others. Over  time I’ve learned that the deep meaning of sport has nothing to do with  fighting against  others, but  is the daily enhancement  of one’s relationship with oneself. Sport has been a school to develop perseverance, the spirit of excellence and, the practice of it has helped me to overcome more and more. Well, not always. Sometimes I overcome nothing, but I can tell you truly that  sport has taught me to persevere and try to achieve most (maybe not all) of what I intended!

Once I was asked to chose between sea and mountain, I surprised myself by answering “mountain.” This apparent contradiction has led me to reflect and, over  time, I’ve learned that what  I really want  while sailing or hiking is to have  an intimate contact with nature. The silence,  the open spaces, the changes in weather, contrasts, mystery, magic. Nature stimulates my curiosity and invites me to continue exploring and learning. Close to nature I feel very good. I am, in short, very much alive.

Over  time, I’ve learned some of the essences that give meaning  to what I do. One of these essences is the pleasure I experience  when  walking  through paths  non-marked. The unexplored, quiet  and non-busy paths. Maybe that’s why I like offshore sailing and being far away from land. There are no roads and every inch you advance is a new, open route. For me this is adventure. The Adventure is an attitude in that mixes fear, confidence, curiosity, boldness and caution.

I’ve needed these many years  to learn that sport, nature and adventure have been and are fundamental pillars  of my life. Now I want to share it and therefore, I invite you to live in a world of unforgettable sensations with Sterna expeditions.  You will find doses of the three exquisite ingredients: sport, nature and adventure.

Do not hesitate!  Come  on board  Sterna!