Sterna in the Tricentenari

Sterna in the Tercentenary


As part of the commemoration of the Tercentenary has launched a multimedia traveling exhibition about innovation in Catalonia, exposure undertaken by the Department of Business and Employment of the Government of Catalonia and the Commissioner Jordi Rodò. Sterna has been selected because of its entrepreneurship. The project was initiated by Albert Bargués offshore sailor and entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of experience under his belt.

The format of this exhibition is divided into three areas, number not randomly chosen, namely: augmented reality, the split-flap display, and an interactive table.


Also, this exhibition will be present in the four provinces:

Tarragona: from  the 21st of July to the 20th of August

Barcelona: from the 6th of October to the  9th of November

Girona: from the 17th of November to the 13th of the December

Lleida: from the 19 of December to the 10th of January.

Augmented reality is based on each of the selected entrepreneurs’ exposure. Near every box, a video appears on your mobile phone, where we will see the entrepeneur talking about his or her project. With a great display technology that uses split-flap, visitors can see how the image changes; an image combining the faces of entrepreneurs with concepts and written messages. Lastly, we can use the interactive table to select any of the projects chosen for the exhibition and to see a four-minute video where entrepreneurs expose their vision of entrepreneurship and their own project.


Video Clara and Albert

Video made by ExitDesign for the exhibition “Yesterday Today Tomorrow. Embark Catalonia, “promoted by the Department of Enterprise and Employment




Tercentenary exhibition:



Header Photo: Montse Riera