Everything is ready for departure

Everything is ready for departure. Routes and destinies. People and elements. Meanwhile, in the harbor of Vilanova, Sterna is being submitted to its second renovation. After the exciting completion of the Atlantic rally, preparations are made in order to go up to the high latitudes, including the necessary clothing and accessories, gloves and scarfs, hats and anoraks.

In its case, the attire consists of a big isolating layer covering the aluminium of its bulkheads. 15 centimeters of foam has been applied thoroughly on each of its walls and ceiling, and then covered by wood which gives warmth in all ambients. Warmth: a word that should be very well kept in mind in the coming months. For the same reason, in the diner of the living area, a Canadian stove has been installed, which radiates warmth to the whole communal area, and through a system of tubes, to the rest of the cabins. The same stove helps the systems of the engine to warm the water with which we will shower after our trips at the end of the world. The reform also included the interior distribution of the boat. Hundreds of meters of cable have been taken out and replaced for new ones, in order to suit the streamlining of the areas and instruments. Ambients which are more open and and warm, and have a positive effect on the life on board, that will be our home in the long months that we will be passing the Arctic.

Several Sundays ago, I took part in a big lunch, where everyone that participated in and helped with the project joined, from earth and sea. The main idea was to see each other’s faces and present everyone to people with who we share our lives with, just as families do before great successes. Because there will be a great success. All the plans made on paper, all the searches and the follow-ups, the first crossing from Falmouth, the first voyage with passengers to the Caribbean and back; it all started with following a great objective, giving Sterna the chance to give honor to its name and its start to fly to the poles of the planet.

Everything is ready for departure, and Sterna and the pier are anxious to start the ascent toward the frozen seas.