Bargués and Larramendi present the Sterna’s Trips to the Arctic in FITUR (Madrid)

On January 22nd begins the International Tourism Show in Madrid and Sterna will be present at Tierras Polares stand. 


Albert Bargués and Ramon Larramendi, great sailor and land explorer respectively, will be there in person to present this new adventure. Albert and Ramón want to offer us expeditions to the Arctic on a sailboat, one of the territories most unexplored of the planet.

albert bargués navegant          ramon larramendi explorador


The expeditions on board Sterna will allow you to enjoy of an inaccessible world travelling with the wind, as it did the great polar explorers:  Sir Ernest Shackleton on board “Endurance”, Robert Scott on “Terra Nova” or Amundsen on the “Fram”. The trips will be a real adventure for those who are looking for something different from cruising. Tourist friendly with environment, respecting nature, which allows you to learn scientific knowledge from a unique environment, lived in person. All explorers will be able to participate actively on daily tasks on board. Thy will be able to learn and practice sailing skills, to follow the polar wildlife, the winds from the boat. We’ll do kayaking, trekking, climbing glaciers, visiting scientific local stations using the dinghy to explore the land and fiords. The new polar routes, pioneers in the Spanish tourism, are launched in the spring of 2014, during the months with more daylight and better weather in the north of the planet.

Since his departure from Barcelona, ​​April 2014, travellers can embark on one or several of the seven legs of navigation in the Arctic until Sterna will return to Spain in September 2014. In total, the Sterna will be sailing five months in which you can enjoy expeditions from one week to 20 days. The destinations of each leg are:

  • The Svalbard Archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, to visit the North Pole, and the gigantic glaciers flowing into infinite fjords. Polar bears, seals, reindeer, whales and countless seabirds go searching for the expedition, while following the footsteps of the pioneers of Pole explorers. The Scientific station of Ny-Alesund will visit, the northernmost in the world, and the abandoned city of Pyramiden, in the Spitsbergen’s island.
  • The Lofoten Archipelago, in Northern Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle. Travellers will approach its rugged mountains, known as “Lynx Feet” from the sea. A trip that will start and finish in Tromso, the capital of polar exploration, and we will be delighted by the Midnight Sun.
  • The Jan Mayen Island and the East coast of Greenland, still one of the most unknown areas of the planet. The Sterna will sail from Greenland to Jan Mayen to let you live nature and its intensity visiting the Inuit people living in the shores.
  • From North Cape to Bear Island, a piece of uninhabited land in the Svalbard way located at 74.3ºN, which is only accessible by sea. The 12 days trip will start in Tromso to reach Barents Sea, inshore sailing following the fiords to the legendary North Cape, before heading to the isolated Bear Island.

Tierras Polares is a travel agency specialized in the most remote areas of the Arctic and Antarctic. Their trips allow you to discover regions such as Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Lapland and Alaska on routes that include easy adventure trekking, kayaking, biking and sailing. In small groups (maximum of 12), Tierra Polares invites you to discover the adventurous even untouched corners of the Arctic where to enjoy the northern Lights, marine wildlife, walking on glaciers, etc.

Ramón Larramendi is one of the most important polar explorers of the world. His achievements are the Circumpolar Expedition 14,000 km to cross the Arctic, North Pole arrival skis, several expeditions into three Greenland and Antarctica. He is also the inventor of the wind sled that helped him to achieve world speed record in Antarctica and Greenland. He is also the founder and director of the Tierra Polares, specialized in trips to Greenland, Iceland, Norway and other polar territories of the planet.

On January 22nd, Albert Bargués and Ramon Larramendi will be in the International Tourism Show in Madrid (FITUR 2014) in booth #9-B Hall 4, jointly Norway. Together we will performance the trips’ official presentation at 12:30 and 17:00 in the stand.

The next April, during the Catalonia International Tourism Show (SITC), Sterna and Tierras Polares will also be present in Barcelona.