Ausmar: Sterna’s maritime safety advisor

Ausmar and Sterna join force in this extraordinary adventure, and sign a collaboration agreement, in which Ausmar provides maritime safety advice, as well as the necessary equipment, so that Albert Bargués, Sterna’s captain, and his crew, can navigate with confidence.

Ausmar also offers Sterna the adequate security measures to follow for the boat, the unmatched and unsurpassable equipment for its passengers in order to feel safe at all circumstances. This includes Duarry life rafts, jackets, and pyrotechnics, among others. These security elements need periodical revisions in order to guarantee its proper functioning, which is also taken care of by Ausmar.

Thus, Ausmar provides Sterna with complete maritime safety: from advice to delivering the equipment, and its revision.

One of the elements of outstanding security that Sterna has, are the two SOLAS life rafts from the brand Duarry with 8 places. With these, Sterna can go on expeditions, being sure that the safety of the crew is guaranteed in any circumstance.


Ausmar, having a long history and great experience in the sector, centers its activity in maritime security, making it the biggest provider of life rafts in Spain. Besides being the producer of the prestigious brand Duarry, they offer a spectrum of products and services related to the maritime security for each type of boats: merchants, passenger ships, yachts, fishing boats, etc.

Within its wide spectrum of products we can find life rafts (ISO, SOLAS and COAST), beacons, survival suits, lifejackets, lifebuoys, lights, gas horns, fire extinguishers and hand flares, among others.

With more than 40 years of experience in the sector, Ausmar keeps its promise to being most trustworthy to the same extent as is the importance of maritime security.

Ausmar, besides offering products of maritime security, broadens its spectrum with a great portfolio of related services:

  • Revision of multi-brand life rafts
  • Revision of life vests
  • Revision of survival suits
  • Revision of beacons
  • Revision and repairing of rescue boats and inflatable boats
  • Revision of firefighting systems