Boies lagrangianas

Sterna colabora con la ciencia y el medio ambiente.

Se ha establecido un marco de colaboración entre el Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (ICM-CSIC) y Sterna més que vela para tratar de recuperar boyas oceanográficas que se encuentran a la deriva en el océano. El Sterna aprovechará sus navegaciones oceánicas para tratar de encontrar y recuperar alguna de las boyas que se encuentran ya… Read more »

Montse Riera

Sterna in the Tricentenari

Sterna in the Tercentenary   As part of the commemoration of the Tercentenary has launched a multimedia traveling exhibition about innovation in Catalonia, exposure undertaken by the Department of Business and Employment of the Government of Catalonia and the Commissioner Jordi Rodò. Sterna has been selected because of its entrepreneurship. The project was initiated by… Read more »

Sterna novedades

The journey begins

The journey begins  It’s impressive to see thirty tons of aluminum from Sterna hanging on the crane belts. Centuries of experience, thousands of designs, trials and errors precede the design of this open 85. That soon will fly through the waters of the North Sea way to the ends of the planet. That sounds a… Read more »


TV2: Tinc una idea

Televisión Española TV2 chooses Sterna for his program I have an idea. This is the report where the participants of a project beyond sail are interviewed… Expedicions en veler per l’Àrtic


Ausmar: Sterna’s maritime safety advisor

Ausmar and Sterna join force in this extraordinary adventure, and sign a collaboration agreement, in which Ausmar provides maritime safety advice, as well as the necessary equipment, so that Albert Bargués, Sterna’s captain, and his crew, can navigate with confidence. Ausmar also offers Sterna the adequate security measures to follow for the boat, the unmatched… Read more »


Goroka a bordo del Sterna

Damos la bienvenida al equipo de Goroka a bordo del Sterna. Javier Argüello y Guille Cascante se embarcarán con nosotros rumbo al Àrtico para rodar un documental. Compartimos con vosotros la noticia, el teaser de este futuro documental y nuestra emoción por empezar esta gran aventura con Goroka!  GOROKA RODARÁ UN DOCUMENTAL EN EL ÁRTICO  … Read more »

Sterna novedades

Everything is ready for departure

Everything is ready for departure. Routes and destinies. People and elements. Meanwhile, in the harbor of Vilanova, Sterna is being submitted to its second renovation. After the exciting completion of the Atlantic rally, preparations are made in order to go up to the high latitudes, including the necessary clothing and accessories, gloves and scarfs, hats… Read more »

Portada Albert Bargués Sterna SITC

Sterna shows her routes on 2014 at SITC

Sail with Sterna to the 80º North latitude The International Tourism Show, also known as the SITC, it is an important event which shows the most wide offer in touristic destinations around the world. This year the comission in charge of its organization has choosen Sterna as one of the most innovative companys, inviting her… Read more »

Cròniques de Javier Arguello

Sterna returns home

Sterna returns home 16th of January, 17:00 hours. Sterna returns home. The first adventurous atlantic voyage up and down the Carribeans has been completed, and the faces of the crew and voyagers reflect the tiredness and satisfaction of the finished task. The gas station of Port Vell is the place for hugs of family and… Read more »