2014 Tradewinds route: Las Palmas-Antigua

—————————— Oceanic navigations ———————————

The oceanic navigations that we offer are big trajects, with a minimum duration of about a week. The main objectives of these voyages are to learn to navigate in each type of situation, and to work on the acquisition of habits, as well as learning to make ourselves feel comfortable and integrated on board. From north to south, and west to east – the Atlantic Ocean is the perfect territory to practice and obtain knowledge and experience.



Day 1

Arriving to Las Palmas and embarkation on board of Sterna

Day 2

Preparation of the sailboat for the crossing. Everybody on board will be involved in all the tasks of the boat.  Some things have to be done before cast-off:  loading the supplies on board (food, water, fuel, etc.), checking personal security devices (life jacket, locating device MOB, etc.), checking security devices on board (use of the extinguisher, radio, Epirb, etc.),  learning how to use the sailing equipment (autopilot, plotter, GPS, radar, etc.). It is important to understand how to fit into the daily rhythm on board in order to keep maximum standards of security.

Day 3

Depart the Rally ARC Las Palmas-Santa Lucia 2013

Day 4 to 16

Establishing the course to Santa Lucia .We will navigate by dead reckoning:  3-4 times a day we’ll do the positioning on the nautical chart with a sextant. We’ll use the radio to communicate with the rally’s organization committee, to get weather forecasts to interpret and follow defeat safer. We’ll learn how to adjust the sails in order to optimize the performance of the boat. Also, we’ll learn the culinary tricks in the kitchen, while cooking on board.

As experts of the marine environment, we will talk about the fauna and the flora of each area of the sea we will pass by, learning how they live, feed and reproduce.

Day 17

Expected arrival to Santa Lucia

Day 18 to 19

Visit of the island.

Day 20

Disembark and trip back home.


Who is Sterna’s ‘ARC Rally’ course best suited for?

This trip is recommended for people who have experience in sailing and has always dreamed of going farther, exceeded the limits of days embarked on a cross.  Also for those who have already done so and want to repeat the experience, on the unique Open 85 of the world, looking to discover new sensations and emotions. Come and live a unique experience!

It is preferred that people interested in this trip, have experienced, at least once, a 24-36 hours cruise aboard a sailboat.


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