South Georgia

South Georgia islands are an archipelago in the South Atlantic located about 1,800 miles east from the Beagle Channel (Argentina). This group of remote and wild islands are the resource of inspiration of many stories and novels like Jules Verne’s story “The Sphinx of ice”.

In these cold and wild islands, crowned with peaks of almost 3,000 meters, you can enjoy much of its history as a striking landscape: Cook, Malaspina, Shackleton together with monumental glaciers and towering cliffs. In South Georgia we have a wild nature to be discovered.

We find bays, inlets, coves, and fjords along the coast, where it reaches many large blocks of ice arising from Antarctica. The usual strong winds makes difficult to approach the island but on board of Sterna we’ll head the north coast where different bays offer good anchorages from which we’ll arrive to inland to discover all the region’s wonders.

The only populated settlement on the island is Grytviken (between 5 and 20 people). Originally it was a whaling port. Today there is a scientific station, a museum and a small church. In the south of the island lie the remains of English explorer Ernest Shackleton.


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