The meaning of Lofoten derives from “lo”, which means lynx, and “foten”, which means foot. Seen from the mainland, the island chain with its sharp peaks look likes lynx’ feet. We will be able to see these feet from yet another perspective: the sea.

Located beyond the Arctic Circle, the Summer in Lofoten is characterized by its sun, that never hides behind the horizon. This Midnight Sun will be with us every day and we will have more than enough light hours to discover a true paradise. Known for its excellent fishing and its natural attractions, another characteristic from Lofoten is the intense and colorful villages that flank the coast. In the shore we will see the Rorbuer, which are the traditional and colorful fishermen’s huts, many of them converted into accommodation for tourists. With much less color, but just as spectacular, we will go to see whales and orcas, during our whales watching voyage into their habitat, and we will get to see many types of seabirds.

The trip departs and arrives in Tromsø, known as the capital of the North and from where many explorers began their epic voyages. Walking through its streets we won’t mind at all, to mix amazing nature and wildlife with some city flashes.


Day 1: Arrival by plane in Bodø

Flight arrival in the city of Bodø, situated in the north of Norway.

Pickup at the airport and transfer to the sailboat of Sterna. Presentation of the crew and start of the navigation towards the coast.

Night in the cabin of the sailboat.

Days 2, 3 and 4: The islands Lofoten, Værøy y Røst

To begin our adventure, we will disembark on the coast of Norway, in the small island Manshausen, where we will take a stroll for visiting the sites, and admiring its beaches and mountains. We will then arrive at the island Lofoten, famous for its peaks that, seen from distance, form a mountain range appear to be a huge stone wall, and together with its beautiful beaches and fisherman’s villages, has a unique charm.

Our first destiny will be the capital, Svolvær, where we will stop by for a short visit.

We will pay a visit to the village Henningsvær, one of the most important and lovely gates of the region. It has been constructed on a series of islands and islets, which are mutually connected by bridges, and considerated as the Venice of the north. We will continue our journey by setting course to the village of Nusfjord, where we will have a stroll on its beach. Nusfjord has been declarated heritage of UNESCO. In 1975 it was used as a pilot project for the conservation of arquitectonic styles, where many fisherman’s cabins are gathered, named rorbuer, which are in perfect state of conservation.

We will continue the trip to the island of Væroy, with its white sand beaches and its steep mountains, which stand out from the scenery. Here we will be able to see the most antique church from the Lofoten. We will also visit the small archipelago of Røst, made up from more than 365 islands, islets, and reefs. Here, one of the biggest marine bird colonies can be found, which we can see from the boat.

During our gathering, we will realize a variety of excursions, so that we can get to know the islands in a much more natural way.

We will spend the night on board.

Days 5, 6, and 7: West Coast of Lofoten, beach of the whales, and Vesterålen

We will start our journey on the west side of the Lofoten islands, making a complete route by the islands. We will make a hike in Kvalvika, best known as “The beach of the Whales”, one of the most impressing sites of the Lofoten islands, where the beautiful scenery of the surroundings and the isolation that it breathes will be a presents for our eyes and ears. White sand beaches, black granite cliffs that submerge from an almost vertical drop, until the sea, with its esmerald and turquoise colored waters.

Arriving already at the Vesterålen, with its almost round shaped fjords and mountains, and its infinity of white sand beaches and turquoise colored water, our first objective will be to reach the village of Ringstad. We will undertake an exciting hike where we will be following most of the coastline, with incredible sights from the fjords and the possibility to see the local birds, such as the sea eagle, alcatraz, atlantic puffin, and many others. We will continue our passage to Bleik, very close to the village of Andenes.

During the traject, we will disembark for explore the place by foot, and during the longer trips on board, the crew will show how to navigate by sailboat in high sea and by the coast. We will learn how a sailboat works, where we will acquire knowledge on navigation by sailing and by motor, where we will be practicing different courses depending on the wind, and the daredevils among us can carry the rudder themselves.

Nights are spent on board of the boat.

Day 8: Hiking in Bleik, visit Andenes and departure to Tromsø

In the locality of Bleik we will go for a hike in an idyllic ambient. We will have the chance to admire the beauty of the coasts and the beautiful beaches during a relaxed excursion. To end the activity, we will walk to Andenes, and make a short visit to the village, situated on the top of the archipelago, which is bigger than the island itself. Furthermore, it’s an ideal place to start our safari on whale watching. To really take advantage of this opportunity, after the visit we will enter a bit into the open sea in search of those magnificent creatures.

We will continue our hike to the city of Tromsø.

Night spent on board of the sailboat.