Come back from the Far North: Reykjavíc-Barcelona

—————————— Oceanic navigations ———————————

The oceanic navigations that we offer are big trajects, with a minimum duration of about a week. The main objectives of these voyages are to learn to navigate in each type of situation, and to work on the acquisition of habits, as well as learning to make ourselves feel comfortable and integrated on board. From north to south, and west to east – the Atlantic Ocean is the perfect territory to practice and obtain knowledge and experience.


The journey that we propose is from Reykjavik to Barcelona. This cruise is a voyage of 17 days varied and full of interesting situations and areas. The North Atlantic, the western coast of Europe from Ireland to the Strait of Gibraltar always complicated and finally the warm Mediterranean. If time allows we will try to approximate the inhospitable island of Rockall, then quickly set course towards the Cape of San Vicente and finally Barcelona.

Day 1

Boarding and preparation of the boat for departure. The preparation requires the participation of all the persons going on board, and consists of loading supplies (food, water, fuel, etc), testing personal safety devices (life vests, MOB localization, etc.), testing the safety devices on board (use of fire extinguishers, radio, beacons, etc.), and receiving instructions on the use of the navigation instruments (automatic pilot, plotter, gps, radar, etc.), with the purpose of making the passengers aware on how to maintain the security on board.

Day 2-4

Set sail to the west coast of Ireland to try to skirt the island of Rockall. Volcanic island has a maximum length of 30 meters and a height 21. However, it is disputed by Britain, Ireland, Denmark and Iceland. Even considered independent territory under the name of Waveland.

Day 5-12

Once lined the unique island we will set course for the Cape of San Vicente. These will be a few days where we will learn pure navigation routines aboard a sailboat. We will also have a chance to experience the decisions about routes and tracks, making us live the life of a sailor.

Day 13-17

From that point we will start to get closer to our home. Pass by the Pillars of Hercules and remount the Mediterranean always unpredictable. Where we can find calm at the dawn and rough seas in the afternoon or vice versa are as normal. Finally we entrance to Barcelona just in time for the Barcelona International Boat Show.