Cabrera- island marine reserve

The purpose of our weekend trips with Sterna is combined a sailing course with hiking activities in unique pristine corners of the Mediterranean, offering advanced training to both experienced and novice sailors in order to improve their knowledge and revise the safety skills necessary to navigate safely in any situation. The subjects studied during the weekend are: Maneuvers and sail trimming. Rigging adjustment. Peeling. Advanced meteorology.  Radio communications. Radar. Theory and Practice of navigation in bad weather.  On board safety procedures.

Once ashore we will go hiking and explore some of the Mediterranean’s the most beautiful coastlines, as at Sterna we believe the journey is as important as the destination

Friday: Barcelona – Cabrera
Welcome aboard and safety briefing before setting sail for Cabrera. The 120mile sailing to Cabrera is approximately 24hrs, during the crossing we will take the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with our traveling companions and begin the first unit of our training course

Saturday: Cabrera
Early Saturday morning we will arrive at Cabrera and weather permitting go ashore for a guided walk with an environmental expert and lunch on the isalnd.

Saturday evening Cabrera-Barcelona
Setting sail in the evening we will commence the second unit of our training course before a general revision of all the areas covered prior to our arrival back to Barcelona in the late afternoon on Sunday.

Sunday evening: Barcelona
Arrival in Barcelona and disembark.