The Sterna team is composed of two crew. The sea crew which sails offshore and the ground crew which sails and navigates with feet on the ground. The first one works within magnificent sea views and is always moving and wiggling whilst the second one is overlooking the Forum’s Harbour in Barcelona and doesn’t wiggle at all. Despite the many differences that might exist, members of both crews have much in common when it comes to Sterna.

The Sterna team comprises sailors, climbers, travelers, entrepreneurs, managers, executives, commercial agents, economists, lawyers, tax specialists agents, marketers, creatives, TV producers, graphic designers, architects, oceanographers, marine scientists and technicians. In Sterna, whatever the job, all the members offer their technical and professional skills with equal passion, enthusiasm and commitment.

As a valued client, we are totally focused on providing the most comprehensive sailing experience within the adventure paradigm.

Crew on board

Albert Bargués

Entrepreneur and oceanic sailor

albert bargues

His desire to undertake new projects has him set sail often. He doesn’t want (or know) to do things by halves. His initiative and enterprise have always encouraged others to follow him. Hard-working, persistent and constant (“full of contradictions” he says). At sea he is capable of facing windy storms and at land he is capable of jumping obstacles. His current challenge is the Sterna project, unprecedented in this country. He can’t hide that he loves to choose paths where he knows (or imagines) that nobody has walked before. These collective qualities have led him to be one of the pioneers of off-shore racing in Spain. When he was 25 years old, in 1985 he participated in his first round the world race. In 1987 he became the first Spanish sailor to complete The Mini Transat Race (Atlantic solo sailing on a 6.5 meters boat) . In 2008 he was the first Spanish sailor to complete, non-stop, the Barcelona World Race (race round the world non-stop double). Fourteen Atlantic crossings, including 3 solo, 2 around the world and sailing over 150,000 miles have made ​​Albert one of the most experienced ocean sailors of our country.

Bernat Ubia

Rigging and maintenance technician

bernat ubia

Bernat loves working on yachts. Mechanics, winches, rigging are “languages” that he speaks very well. He likes all kinds of maintenance on board but his specialty is the rigging. When he was young, sailing in the Reial Club Marítim de Barcelona, he learned “sailing language​”. Older, once he certified as Yacht Master, his hobby became his profession and he created his own company specializing in rigging, management and general maintenance. His experience as a sailor is helpful in solving technical problems. He has worked in several ground crew teams like various Open 60 boats in regattas around the world such as Eduación Sin fronteras and Estrella Damm who participated in the 1st (2007) and the 2nd edition (2010) of the Barcelona World Race. In addition he also takes care of other types of cruise boats like classic and vintage boats. Mornings are not his best, he needs a few large cups of coffee to wake up, but once he is awake there is nothing to stop him. He is constant. If you don’t see him on deck or inside the boat, look to the sky, perhaps is working on the top of the mast.

Oxigen Services

Toni Weijl

Boat builder and oceanic sailor


This modest and shy man hides an acute irony full of intellect. Toni is full of surprises and each day we discover a new facet in him. He built by hand a 6.5 meters yacht to participate in the Mini-Transat Race, he has crossed the Atlantic 16 times, speaks 4 languages ​​and has perfectly mastered all nautical trades. He is a calm, serene and tireless worker.

Toni is boat builder and sailor. He started sailing when he was 7 years old in the Reial Club Marítim de Barcelona. Since he was a child he wanted to dedicate himself to the world of sailing. After study in the Marine College in Barcelona, he worked as a skipper of different boats. Finally he decided to establish by his own company of chartering and boat maintenance, Latitude 42. He built the two 6.5 meters length boats to participate in two editions of the Mini Transat Race, crossing the Atlantic alone. He has sailed with crew also crossing the Atlantic 14 times. He has belonged to the most important Ocean Racing teams as a boat builder, his passion, such as Movistar, Veolia, Educacion sin Fronteras and the Volvo Ocean Race and the Race World Barcelona. Actually, among crossing and crossing, we find him in his shipyard in Cambrils where he continues his passion, building new boats and keeping them in shape.

Mestral Marine Works

Pere Valera

Navigation Instructor and oceanic sailor


Pere has two great passions: sailing and teaching. He is accredited as instructor and examiner for the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) in Spain and teaches navigators and sailors who wants to get the accreditation of Offshore Ocean Yacht Master and Yacht Master. With him on board we consume much less electricity. He likes to sail with traditional methods: dead reckoning, sextant, observation and, of course, no electronic devices. If anyone is tempted to look at the GPS plotter, better do it while Pere is sleeping.
Born in Ciutadella (Menorca) he sailed from very young. Since 1999 he has been professionally engaged in the nautical world running his first company, Nautic Fun, as a CEO and skipper.  He has crossed five times the Atlantic, once the Pacific and he knows very well British waters.


Menorca Yachting

Jordi Carol

Professional skipper

Estiu 2012 908 OK

Over 20 years, Jordi has been sailing to the most exotic and beautiful corners of the Mediterranean for the last 10 years with his own boat, Gamarus. Besides being a good navigator he is comfortable with all nautical repairs. His conversation surprises every one, he has lots of stories from his time as an anthropologist. He loves to learn and understand different cultures and lifestyles. He has specific experience with hull maintenance of ships built in aluminum, like Sterna.

Ricard Prehn

Electronic Engineer and sailor

Ricard Prehn

Ricard is comfortable feeling the salt from the sea water on his skin, either feeling the electrons moving within the electrical wires nearby. His training as electronic engineer allows Sterna to be opened at the world of wires,  connections, volts and amps. With him on board we have ensured that bulbs will be switch on and batteries will be charged. He is constantly imagining any electronic device required on board.  There is only one thing that arouses more passion than the sea and electronics: his daughter.When he speaks about her, his eyes light up.

Ground crew

Adrià Llairó

Organization and Developing

Foto Adrià llairó 2

Passionate about nature and sports,  Adrià is an Engineer specialized in energy and energy efficiency in air. It is his matters that the boat is warm enough inside. Structured as the mind of an engineer, he brings order and methodology in the maintenance of the boat, in the business organization and in technological developments we would like to incorporate on board of Sterna. Since he was a child, he spent the summers in the Pyrenees and so he has developed a deep love for nature and a desire to take care of the environment. Adrià walks the talk (does what he says) in t his matters, so much of what he eats is grown in a small garden on the roof of his apartment in Barcelona and he moves by bike.

Cristina Crespo

Marketing advisor

Cristina crespo

Cristina is a graduate in Business Administration and MBA from ESADE, expert in marketing, which it’s impossible for her to hide. She is always mulling over how to reach potential Sterna customers. She has lived the project since its beginning, longer before it was said Sterna. Cristina, always demanding and being constant , likes everything to be aligned with the philosophy that gives meaning to Sterna. She is always thinking and planning organization, without losing any opportunity of  traveling, skiing,  and recently, rowing on board of a typical Catalan rafting, as well.

Clara Rovira

Oceanographer and sailor

Clara i els seus peixos OK

Her passion for the sea and nature is combined with her innate curiosity and scientific vein. “We love what we know” and “see things with different eyes if you know their role in nature” are two principles that she has built and always carried further in the preparation of any exit. Whether at the sea or up to the mountains, she is always accompanied by his drawings , photos and texts that helps you understand the environment and identify fish, birds, plants and animals found on her tour. Knowledgeable about the marine environment, an expert in environmental education programs, Clara links Sterna travels with its environmental value. How? Participating in the design of the travel route, preparing to publish environmental contents of the visited areas and links with leading research programs. Ultimately her contribution allows all the explorers who sail aboard Sterna, to open their eyes.

Victor Cuatrecasas

Executive Manager and sailor

Víctor Cuatrecasas

Degree in Marine and Maritime Transport and Master in Business Management, Victor is CEO of a U.S. subsidiary of Computer Services in Spain, 20 years ago. His experience in business management, his rigor in controlling their numbers and his calm are a good combination of sanity to bring Sterna in a save return to harbor. The same sanity and wisdom required when he sails around Port de la Selva and Creus Cape with strong north winds.

Guille Cascante

Broadcast producer and sailor


Guille is our expert in broadcasting. A sea and sailing lover, he had the opportunity to travel around the world producing diving films for the Spanish TV called Bubbles. He describes this moment as one of the happiest periods of his life. When he returned to Barcelona, he decided to create hi own production company, Goroka. As a CEO and producer, Guille has work hard to publish more than 1,000 films, including “Words around the world,” the film that covers Albert Bargués’ Barcelona World Race (double crew around the world race) on board of Open 60 Educación Sin Fronteras in 2007
Now, working with Sterna he has an opportunity to meet one of his biggest dreams: to navigate the Arctic with his camera.

José Manuel De Vargas


Jose manuel vargas

In Sterna do not sign any legal document that has not passed through the hands and eyes of Jose Manuel. He loves sea and boats. He is passionate about traveling and he is always looking for unique places to go. More than 40 years dedicated to law he is the best guarantee for Sterna to do things correctly and properly. Spending time with him, listening to some of the many stories experienced in his travels and in the exercise of his profession, it is guaranteed not to be bored. Thanks to Jose Manuel, Sterna “sleeps” calm and secure.

Xavier Mayoral

Business and Tax Consultant and oceanic Sailor


Xavier is passionate and enthusiastic of living. He loves sea and sailing and he didn’t stop to attempt till he reached across the Atlantic on board a sailboat. Xavier is Sterna’s Business Consultant. He takes care of Sterna accounts and taxes. We feel much comfortable being advised by him. Even while crossing the Atlantic he did not leave to care Sterna: passion for sailing and customer service wherever.

Pep Costa

Navy Captain

Pep Costa OK

Pep does not know if the heat and light of Formentera , the island where he grew up, and the cold and the brightness of the Swiss mountains, the land where he was born, made him to desire the cold weather and the light of Antarctica. Today, he works as a Practical Port in Barcelona’s Port. This daily labor allows him to help on this project, shaping the travels as full of human and scientific values, as he would like to experience them. He is rigorous, demanding and likes the well job done. His enthusiasm to work, took him very young to be captain in the commercial navy to command ships, and his endless effort to want to share his desire for excellence with others, brought him to Phd by UPC and to produce innovative projects. From his company, Global Marine, Pep ensures that Sterna incorporates best security systems and meets the requirements of the maritime authorities.

Marc Pascual

Architect and sailor

Marc Pascual

When it comes to navigate, Marc doesn’t doubt to do it alone on board of Tamata, his eight meters length sailboat. But when it comes to work, he knows that it’s better to performance in a team. Marc is an architect and his love for sailing let him to imagine and design the interiors of Sterna. He is a very practical man and it is reflected in his plans and draws. Without making too much noise, he fights strongly for his dreams. Sailing across the Atlantic is one that he has achieved recently. On board he is a hard and incombustible sailor.

Marc Mateu

Designer and Sailor


Marc is a designer, no matter what. He may design an airplane’s interior, either a car’s, or a train’s. His best in designing and drawing since now, of course, is Sterna’s  interiors, just to let her ready and comfortable for our clients. The reason he is doing his best is because, Marc is also a sailor with several Atlantic crosses behind him.
If you look at Marc with a pencil in his hand, we don’t know what it may be the result, but for sure that you’ll be amazed by the proposal and by his humility in showing it to you.

Kenneth Perdigón

Designer and Sailor


Kenneth defines himself as “a sailor and a happy designer.” His profession, clothing designer, adds a transgressive and groundbreaking element in the Sterna interior’s designs and draws. Although he has sailed almost all the seas of the world, he recognizes he is in love with Mediterranean Sea, the source of his inspiration. Kenneth is our man of fashion, always a trendsetter.

Javier Argüello

Writer and sailor

Foto baixa resolució

Javier is a writer, a scriptwriter and travel journalist. He is a passionate of stories who firmly believes that the stories we tell are the ones that build the reality. Both, creation of fictions – stories and novels-,  and sharing his travelling experiences with others, is what makes him happy. Both, he has been doing since many years ago publishing in “El Viajero” by “El Pais” journal.
Twelve years ago a friend asked him for help to deliver a sailboat from the Azores. As he had no idea about sailing, he decided to go. The trip, between sailing journey and landfalls, it took just over two months. During that time, being only two handed on board, he was forced to learn the sailor trades. Since then , whenever he can, he “jumps” on board to go anywhere and to tell what he sees. Become the Sterna chronicler is a dream come true, as it allows him to combine his two great passions: writing and sailing. From Sterna website you may follow the Polar adventures’stories written by him.

Jordi Salvany

Graphic Designer and climber

DSC04835 ok

Jordi has designed Sterna’s logo. We don’t publish any design that has not been reviewed by him. He wants to make sure every published document is aligned on what we are. He always says that ” we must transmit, in every image or design, as less messages as possible at once, just a few of them and well understood”. And he succeeds mixing and combining, with ease and wisdom, images, fonts and font sizes. Essentially discrete and modest, Jordi’s designs are simple, sober, minimalist, serene and attractive. Surely, his relationship with the mountain helps him to have his own style. If you don’t find him in front of the computer editing pictures or changing letters shape, he may be climbing any mountain.