Come on board

Before booking a trip it is recommended that you become familiar with our style of voyaging . It is very different concept from cruising.

1. Payment and Terms
2. Including and not including
3. Insurance
4. Documentation
5. Bookings
6. Cancellation Policy
7. List of personal equipment



The payment of any deposit or full payment for a trip signifies that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions contained herein. We can send you the contract if required. In the absence of a binding contract the following points apply.



Sterna més que vela, S.L. covers the following expenses once our clients are on board.


What is included?

Port and mooring fees, taxes or local permits

Accommodation on board with bunk during the trip

Ocean navigation equipment (weather gear: pants and jacket)

Inflatable lifejacket with harness and rope lifeline

Satellite Communication devices (telephone and Iridium antenna connection). Ask for the Communications Agreement.

Vessel Fuel and tender/dinghy petrol

Charging for electronic devices: 12v and 220v systems (laptop, camera and video, music players,mobiles, etc….


What is not included?

Transfers from/to the airport


Vessel Fuel and tender/dinghy petrol

Food and sugar or alcoholic beverages (including wine)

Communications transmission cost. The captain is in charge of providing the service and shall be paid in cash once the trip is over.

Other personal items of clothing that are listed on the website under the name list of equipment and personal equipment (including sleeping bag and sea boots)

Travel Insurance

Anything that is not in the “What is included?”

This list is generic and can be modified and adapted for different voyages. We therefore recommend looking at the list ‘What is included’ and ‘What is not included’ for each individual trip.



Sterna més que vela,SL holds a standard, maritime insurance policy included within are total loss of the vessel, fire, collision damage and civil liability.

Sterna més quevela, S.L. has an accident and health insurance policy that covers our clients during their stay on board.

Everyone, in this modern age, is recommended to take out travel insurance even for a weekend holiday. We recommend that our clients take out a standard travel insurance policy which can cover, for example, flight, hotel,  Sterna’s payment cancellations due to illness, flights to hospitals, theft, damage to equipment, et cetera. We accept no liability as it is signed in the Trip Contract including Release of Claims and Waiver of Liability

We want everyone on board to be psychologically comfortable with their risks. It´s important that we don´t have anyone without adequate cover who may regret this during the voyage and harbour a sense of disquiet. In this spirit of openness, therefore, we recommend that personal travel insurance be taken out by each client.



To all our passengers and explorers we request before embarking the following documents:


Completed personal questionnaire / survey

Signed Trip Contract including Release of Claims and Waiver of Liability

Complete and sign the contract for the use of the communications devices and satellite connections.

Medical certificate stating that there isn’t any health impediment to travel.



The booking and payment procedure is as follows:

  • To book a trip we require a deposit of one-third (1/3) of the total amount of the trip by bank transfer.
  • The second payment will be two months before departure and will be another third of the full amount.
  • The last payment of one third will be made 1 month before departure.




Deposits are 80% refundable if the customer cancels up to six months before departure. After 4 months before departure, there will be no refunds. Of course, this is where private travel insurance is important.

NOTE: These trips are in remote and inhospitable places where the weather can be very changeable. Sterna’s captain reserves the right to modify itineraries without notice due to weather conditions to maintain security on board, due to unfavourable political conditions in the region or due to any reasons beyond our control.



We have prepared two lists of equipment and personal equipment depending on where we go. The temperature is what determines the necessary equipment, so we are depending on it to decide what to put in our backpack.

Ocean Navigation. Personal Equipment

Poles Navigation. Personal Equipment